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Client Background
Condor Technology Solutions Staffing Division (formerly MIS Technologies) provides IT staffing services and job placement to businesses nationwide.
The Challenge
IT recruiting is an extremely competitive market. Condor needs to attract applicants with the rights qualifications to match to open job listings while beating out competing recruiters. Condor strongly desires to differentiate themselves by providing a high level of service and convenience to their clients and to promote regular repeat opportunities to provide placements. Condor hopes to achieve this by providing an online system accessible to clients to post job openings and track the progress of placements. This system should also promote and streamline communications between the client, account managers and recruiters making the placement process as easy as possible.
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Condor Staffing Solutions
The Solution
High Plains Digital was engaged to develop a web site to fully automate Condors recruiting process. We began by analyzing the workflow involved in the recruiting cycle. A system was designed to track job openings and placements and manage all communications between clients, account managers, recruiters and applicants.
Once implemented the system significantly increased productivity both by reducing communication delays such as phone tag and providing an easier method for all parties involved to share placement information and monitor the status of job openings allowing faster placements.
A public interface was designed to attract applicants and provide a means to search available openings by geographical area and required technical expertise and submit resumes online. Once submitted the appropriate account manger and recruiter is notified and can immediately schedule interviews.
Since the system began production operation, additional features were added to allow applicants to register to receive updated job openings based on geography and expertise they can specify. A similar notification mechanism was constructed to keep recruiters updated with the latest information about job openings and applicants.
The latest feature additions include reporting to management to track account manager/recruiter performance.

Technical Details
The Condor Staffing application is hosted by High Plains Digital utilizing Windows web servers with IIS and Microsoft SQL Server. Condor connects to High Plains Digital Data facilities using a high speed Internet connection. Condor clients access the web application via the Internet through High Plains Digital’s Internet backbone connection.
The site is constructed using a combination of business objects developed in Visual Basic, SQL Stored Procedures, ASP script, and JavaScript/DHTML. Microsoft Exchange Server through Outlook and the CDO is utilized for messaging and notification functions.
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