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Your technology investment should make a positive difference in the way you do business. We provide the experience and expertise to evaluate your needs and establish the direction and planning necessary for success. High Plains Digital helps you look beyond the technology hype to the concrete benefits a system provides. We help you make the right decisions to build a system that makes a difference now and establishes the path to long term success.
The benefits computer technology can provide grow and change every day feeding a competitive frenzy in business as companies try to establish and maintain an advantage. Gaining the most from technology requires the use of products from multiple vendors. Choosing the right products and combining them effectively is critical to maximizing benefits and controlling cost.
"High Plains Digital clearly
possesses the skills, acumen,
and technological savvy to
assist organizations in keeping
pace in an ever changing
- Robert Lee Rainey
The Law Offices of
Rainey and Martin
High Plains Digital has expertise and experience with a wide range of platforms, vendors, products, industry standards and technology. We constantly review the latest technologies and determine if and how to put them to work for our customers. We can assist you in dealing with equipment, suppliers, software developer, communications vendors, etc., separating sales pitch from substance to help you understand your options and make informed decisions.
Service and Support
Our technical personnel have expertise with a wide variety of computer technologies. We can provide a single point of contact when dealing with multi-vendor problem resolution and cut through the finger pointing. We become intimately familiar with your network and business operations enabling us to respond quickly and effectively. We provide installation, maintenance, and support for virtually all modern computer technology. Our engineers are on call 24 hours a day.
Connectivity Solutions
Remote access, wide area networking, telecommuting, and Internet connectivity. High Plains Digital knows how to get you connected. Our expertise has been honed by building and operating networks for general business and Internet Service Providers across the country. Several top connectivity providers rely on our expertise to keep their systems up and their customers connected.
Internet Presence
We build Internet sites that work. Your Internet presence is an extension of your company that should enhance and expand the way you do business and improve your customer’s experience doing business with you. As the first place many of your prospects will encounter your company, your web site should provide the positive impact to set a lasting impression that builds your reputation and wins you business. Your established customers should enjoy improved service with enhanced communications and availability of information. Your existing systems should be integrated to your online efforts where appropriate. All of this requires more than just pretty graphics. The systems we design have the guts behind them to make them an integral part of your business success. Oh, and they look good too.
Software Development
High Plains Digital’s staff of programmers is available to build any size solution from scripts to complete applications. We build solutions using a wide variety of platforms and languages such as .NET, Microsoft Back Office, Windows, UNIX, Visual Basic, C/C++, SQL, ASP and many others. Our experience and proven development processes ensure the greatest benefit from your programming investment.
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